Advanced Markets:

Trusted Partners

We work with a select number of partners from across the industry to give our clients an advanced trading experience

Liquidity Finder

Liquidity Finder takes the friction away from the process of sourcing liquidity and can be used as a What? Who? and Where? reference for liquidity in OTC electronic markets, and the means to access them.


Autochartist is a financial market, content and analytics company that leverages big data and proprietary technology to help stock, futures and currency brokers to drive lead generation, engage existing customers, retain struggling traders and reduce content production costs.

Centroid solutions

Centroid Solutions is a leading technology provider specializing in comprehensive risk management, real-time analytics, and quant-based execution technology that enables FX brokers to optimize business operations and improve risk-adjusted PnL performance.

Tradefora is a software company, founded in 2016 specializing in Best Execution and with a mission of brining more transparency into the OTC marketspace. Tradefora provides unique trade verification and TCA services for traders and RTS 27/28 reporting
automation, market data storage, price feed analytics and trade verification services for brokers.


Tradesocio changes the way investments are offered, managed and accessed, making the investment process easier for all the parties involved. This partnership makes Advanced Markets’s 100% transparent, deep liquidity solutions available to a greater number of financial institutions and professional traders globally.


The combination of Pelican’s innovative social copy-trading solutions, along with Advanced Markets’ unparalleled institutional liquidity solutions, brings about significant benefits to FX brokers, traders and asset managers worldwide.