Meet our Team

Advanced Markets was founded in 2006. The firm is a pioneer bringing true Direct Market Access (DMA) to the foreign exchange and precious metals markets. We are a leading provider of wholesale liquidity, technology, and credit solutions to brokers and banks globally, and our team members are a huge part of our success.

Anthony Brocco

Founder & CEO

Anthony founded Advanced Markets in 2006 and has served as Chief Executive Officer and Director since the firm’s inception. Prior to starting the firm, he ran trading and brokerage operations in the foreign exchange options and commodity futures markets. He is the chief architect of Advanced Markets’ direct market access (DMA)-based liquidity, credit and technology solutions for wholesale and institutional clients. Anthony has travelled widely in the US, Europe and Asia, where Advanced Markets powers the FX trading infrastructure for leading brokers in the United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Geoffrey Gooch

Chief Financial Officer; Chief Compliance Officer

Geoff has served as a Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Advanced Markets since the firm’s inception in 2006. Before joining the firm, he served as the head of compliance and back-office operations for several FCMs and Introducing brokerage firms.

During the 16 years he has worked in the FX and Commodity Futures markets, he developed regulatory compliance programs for a number of CFTC registered and NFA member organizations.

Prior to starting his career he studied Finance at the University of Florida.

Michael Cairns

Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Markets (UK) Ltd

Chief Risk Officer, Advanced Markets Group

With more than thirty years of experience in FX and interest rate markets, Michael heads up Advanced Markets’ UK operations whilst also managing the group’s risk and liquidity.

Prior to joining Advanced Markets in 2015, Michael held joint roles as CEO of FX Solutions, a leading US retail broker and as a Director of U.S and Middle East Operations for City Index Ltd.

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Michael got his start in the markets as a European forwards and government securities trader with Ulster Bank before moving to New York where he worked for NatWest PLC, San Paolo IMI and KBC Bank.


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