UBS to Provide FX Prime Brokerage Services to Advanced Markets

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Top Prime of Prime Expands and Reinforces Credit Provision Services

CHARLOTTE, NC— July 8, 2015—Advanced Markets Ltd., a prime of prime broker liquidity provider to retail FX brokers and institutions, announced today that it has added UBS AG as a prime broker. The new arrangement will expand the range of brokers and institutions that can use existing prime broker credit relationships to access Advanced Markets’ top-tier bank liquidity.

Advanced Markets’ Direct Market Access (STP) platform enables FX market participants to trade on prices streamed by more than 10 leading FX banks in a fully transparent, anonymous market structure. The combination of the firm’s STP model and robust low latency trading infrastructure has driven participation from leading brokers, fund managers and other institutions that use FX prime brokerage services to access the foreign exchange market.

“We are pleased to partner with UBS, one of the industry’s premier bank prime brokers, to strengthen our market position,” said Anthony Brocco, Chairman, Advanced Markets Ltd. “In the post-SNB environment, having the right credit relationships in place is of extraordinary importance. With UBS as a prime broker, we will continue as a true prime of prime service provider with 100% STP model, committed to delivering elite service to our partners.”

Advanced Markets began offering UBS as an FX prime broker June 1, 2015.

Qualified clients can also take advantage of Advanced Markets’ tri-party custodial accounts at Macquarie Bank offering to further ensure security of their margin deposits.

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