Satomi Toyoshima, Toshiaki Chiyoda are joining FAM Clearing, LLC Team (JV between Fortex Inc. and Advanced Markets)

Partnership - Advanced Markets

Charlotte, North Carolina – March 28, 2017 – FAM Clearing, LLC., a joint venture between Fortex, Inc., a leading FX ECN trading platform, and Advanced Markets, a wholesale provider of liquidity, technology, and credit solutions to banks and brokers, announced today the two new executive appointments.

Satomi Toyoshima is appointed as a Managing Director of Japan Operations. Mrs. Toyoshima brings more than six years of experience in institutional foreign exchange sector. Before joining FAM Clearing, LLC, Mrs. Toyoshima held senior management positions at CFH Systems Japan and Boston Technologies Japan where she was responsible for executing company’s strategy in Japan.

Toshiaki Chiyoda, Head of Sales, Japan, brings more than 18 years of business leadership experience and a unique understanding of the complex Japanese FX environment. Mr. Chiyoda has been immersed in Japanese FX market from retail FX sales to highly involved B2B FX arrangements. Before Mr. Chiyoda held positions of progressive leadership at CFH Systems Japan, Boston Technologies Japan, Yasuda Kasai Kaijyo Insurance Inc. and Gaitame Online.

FAM Clearing is delighted to have such experienced professionals as Mr. Chiyoda and Mrs. Toyoshima join our team and we are looking forward to bringing new innovative FX technology and highest quality FX prime of prime services to Japan.

Japan is the largest retail FX market in the world and it stands strong after events of extreme volatility that have shaken up western markets and caused a series of regulatory changes. Strict regulations and demand for accuracy set high requirements for FX brokers in Japan. FAM Clearing’s products and services have a proven track record of passing through rigorous checks and meeting the highest quality standards.

Advanced Markets and Fortex have established themselves as market leaders in FX Technology and FX Prime of Prime space and offer many benefits to Japanese companies by improving its execution performance, quality of fills and offering new trading interfaces. We are very excited to join a company that has superior technology and liquidity offerings, is growing exponentially and has a great acceptance by clients. We are looking forward to leveraging our industry expertise to expand the company’s global presence.”

Satomi Toyoshima and Toshiaki Chiyoda are both joining from CFH Clearing Japan, where they held a Managing Director and Director of Sales roles respectfully for the past 2 years.

About FAM Clearing, LLC

The joint venture enables the two companies to provide prime-of-prime (PoP) services and end-to-end trading technologies to a large number of FX market participants that are looking to establish a complete solution for credit and liquidity relationships.

The FAM Clearing, LLC joint venture has its own business development and marketing team of 12, led by Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales. The joint venture extends access to the Prime of Prime service offering through locations in Boston, London, and Limassol.

About Fortex Inc.

Fortex Inc. is the world’s leading ECN platform, with $12 billion in currency, metals, energy, and CFD trades and 500,000 tickets a day for tens of thousands of traders around the world. The company’s powerful Fortex platform, Fortex 6 application for traders, sophisticated cloud infrastructure, and middleware solutions have revolutionized currency, commodity, and equity trading. Today, traders, broker dealers, market makers, money managers, banks, hedge funds, and investors around the world rely on Fortex to accelerate trade execution and support sophisticated trading strategies. And the most successful currency trading firms have built their FX businesses on the Fortex platform. Fortex is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California with offices in New York, Boston, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and London. The company is privately held.

About Advanced Markets

Advanced Markets is a wholesale provider of liquidity, technology and credit solutions to banks and brokers globally. The firm’s products support direct market access (DMA) trading in spot FX, precious metals as well as contracts for differences (CFDs) across financial and commodity products. It also provides FX, metals and CFD trading and credit solutions and services to fund managers, commodity trading advisors and corporate FX market participants. Through our institutional client base, we estimate that Advanced Markets liquidity ultimately serves more than 40,000 institutional and individual clients in more than 30 countries globally. The company is privately held. Outside investors include Macquarie Americas Corp Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Macquarie Bank and GFI Group Inc.

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