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Become a better trader with Autochartist

Learn how this useful tool can help you manage risk & save time. 

Coming up on 1, 2 & 3 March, three special webinar sessions seek to enhance your forex trading skills. Don’t miss out on some valuable forex education! 

Join the experts to learn more about how to benefit from its powerful market scanning capabilities

1 March: Autochartist Overview

2 March: Filtering Trade Setups

3 March: Risk Management with Autochartist

Manage your risk & save time with Autochartist!

Decide how and what to trade, controlling your risk!

Offered for FREE to Advanced Markets clients, this valuable tool helps you optimize your trading time and increase efficiency by identifying unusual market movements for the instruments you trade!

Autochartist offers technical & statistical analysis instantly identifying emerging and completed trade setups, as it automatically reads charts added to your watchlist.

Trading Opportunities

Open an account to see some interesting patterns identified! Updated every 15 mins, this is where you can go through the selected patterns and filter through to decide your next best move 

Performance Statistics

Sign up now to access a tool that measures how many of the identified trade setups hit their forecast level within one pattern length! See success rates of patterns by name, symbol, direction, hour of the day or interval. 

Volatility Analysis

Become a live account holder to get a thorough understanding of the expected trading ranges for the financial instruments of your choice. Decide which instrument to trade and when, adjust your exit levels and set your Stop Loss. 

Market Report

Subscribe to receive emails up to 3 times a day with snapshots of the market status, each before the open of major world sessions: Tokyo, London & New York. Get snapshots of the marketsthe technical outlook just before the opening of the major financial centres. 

News Feed

Get up-to-date general market information that you can select Stock, Forex or General News. 

Powerful market scanning

Catering to all kinds of traders, the analysis types vary from Technical Analysis to Statistical patterns. 

Chart patterns

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Horizontal Key levels

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Fibonacci Patterns

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Big Movements

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Consecutive Candles

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How to Get Started

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