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Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Markets (Bermuda) Ltd is established in Bermuda and, as such, is not required to hold a license for its products and services. 

Here is a link to Advanced Markets STP only FCA license.

Here is a link to Advanced Markets Wholesale AFSL license

Yes, Advanced Markets is primed by UBS (see the public announcement here), and Standard Chartered (see the public announcement here).

Advanced Markets FCA and ASIC regulations do NOT allow them to service retail clients. The Bermuda entity can service retail clientele.


Advanced Markets DMA hub provides our clients with the flexibility to customize the best-fit technology and liquidity solution. This system includes technology solutions (bridge, FIX API, and GUI), risk management solutions, prime brokerage solutions, and in-depth reporting solutions. 

A FIX API is an application programming interface (API) that uses FIX protocol. It connects FX Liquidity makers with takers. In our case, FX FIX API is a way to connect directly with a particular Liquidity Provider or Aggregator. 

Advanced Markets Group absorbs bridge fees for some of the bridge partners we work with, and does not pass it on to the client who takes our liquidity.

Advanced Markets is connected to over 100 banks, large investment funds and venues. You can look up our Top Execution Venue Report Here. 

A real Prime of Prime must have Tier 1 Prime Brokerage relationships. For example, Advanced Markets is primed by UBS AG and Standard Chartered Bank. 

Quality of fills, execution, price feed stability, and overall trading conditions are on the list of priorities for FX businesses when selecting a PoP partner. 

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