Advanced Markets Group upgrades its CFD Offering with the addition of China and Singapore Indices and the US Dollar Basket

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CHARLOTTE, 18 June 2019 – Advanced Markets Group is the leading institutional multi-asset liquidity and true prime-of-prime service provider. Today, we are pleased to announce the addition of the China A50, China H-Shares and Singapore Blue Chip index CFDs to our already extensive list of tradable instruments.

The “China A50” (CHA50) index encompasses the top 50 A-Share companies listed on either the Shanghai or Shenzen Stock Exchanges. It also encapsulates a diverse range of industries, from banking and investment right through to manufacturing, providing a broad indication of the performance of the Chinese economy in general. This index is Yuan-denominated.

The “China H-Shares” index (CHH) represents the shares of incorporated, mainland China companies. These companies are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Unlike the A50, the China H-Shares index is quoted, and traded, in Hong Kong Dollars.

The “Singapore Blue Chip” index (SING) tracks the performance of the top companies. They are listed on the Singapore Exchange with a wide variety of industries represented. It effectively the benchmark for the Singapore equity market and is Singapore Dollar-denominated.

Strong demand of Asian indices from clients

Natallia Hunik, Advanced Markets Groups Global Head of Sales commented, “The decision to add Asian indices was driven by strong demand from our client base in the Far East. Asian economies represent the largest source of potential revenue, with GDP growth 2.5 times that of the U.S. or Europe. Given our strong presence, and track record, in the region, this new addition to our product line only further strengthens our commitment to Asia”.

Advanced Markets Group has also added the US Dollar Basket. This CFD provides a measure of the value of the U.S. Dollar relative to the currencies of its main trading partners. Therefore it’s a useful indicator of Dollar strength or weakness.

“The addition of these instruments allows access to exciting new global markets and provides our clients with the opportunity to further diversify their trading portfolios” stated Anthony Brocco, Advanced Markets Group Founder and CEO, “we look forward to releasing more diverse trading products in the days ahead.”

About Advanced Markets Group

Advanced Markets Group is a wholesale provider of prime-of-prime liquidity, credit and technology solutions. The company serves banks and brokers globally. The firm’s products support direct market access trading in spot FX and precious metals as well as contracts for differences (CFD) across financial and commodity products. It also provides spot FX, precious metals, and CFD trading and credit solutions and services. These offerings are for fund managers, commodity trading advisors, and corporate clients.

Through its wholesale client base, Advanced Markets Group liquidity ultimately serves more than 40,000 institutional and individual clients in more than 30 countries globally. (The firm does not do business with retail traders directly.)

Advanced Markets Group is jointly owned by Macquarie Americas Corp Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Macquarie Bank), BGC Partners and firm management.

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