2020 FX industry events – make a wise decision on which to attend and how to generated the best ROI!


The upending of our normal daily lives by the Covid-19 virus has removed our ability to interact with industry colleagues during industry events and to share and debate our viewpoints. While the majority of us are staying at home during this pandemic, to help stop the spread of the virus, some event organizers have made changes to their schedules and have moved events into an online format. Are you perhaps curious as to which events to head to when the international quarantine is lifted and borders are reopened?

In 2020, there will be over 70 events held globally for financial industry participants. Catering to a mix of hedge funds, asset managers, technology providers, compliance and regulation service providers, brokers, retail investors and liquidity providers, these events range from the ones organized by the recognized media publications to the community-organized ones.

When looking for an event to attend this year, you should consider factors such as the type of audience they attract, the types of people attending, agenda, location and much more. To make the process easier, we have categorized most events based on the specific professional industry segment that you belong to:

Buy-side: Hedge Funds, asset management and family offices:

In an era of low yield and compressed margins, efficiency, combined with a leaner operation are key factors in maximizing returns for your funds. There is defined critieria that successful buy-side firms use to effectively evaluate technology and liquidity providers.

If you are an institutional investor, or perhaps looking to set up a fund, then attending expos that provide thought leadership on the implementation of, and compliance with, the regulatory reforms impacting hedge funds and investors, by legal counsel and industry experts might be in your best interests.

  • TradeTechFX

  • MFA Legal& Compliance 2020

FX Brokers and entrepreneurs : 

2019 was a tough year for brokerage business as stringent financial regulations governing financial derivatives products were implemented across many regulatory jurisdictions. What does the changing profile of liquidity providers mean for trading clients and how are they reacting to the changes on the sell-side? What changes are required to be implemented in terms of MiFID II requirements? The following events would be a good place to start:

  • Global Investor Group FOW conference: 8 cities in 2020! The derivatives-focused conference brings together leading experts from the best asset managers, hedge funds, prop trading firms, market-makers, brokers, banks and exchanges in Israel.

  • iFX EXPO: The largest financial B2B expo in the world. It is focused on the retail Fintech industry with the aim of connecting leading technology, blockchain and liquidity providers with Forex firms, banks, affiliates, introducing brokers and white label partners. iFX EXPO is held three times a year covering Hong Kong/Macau, Cyprus and London.

FX Technology Gurus:

Are you an FX “techie” enthusiastically looking to write your own trading strategies and minimize your trading latency over a FIX API? Do you need to enhance the precision of time stamp data types with greater granularity in order to meet MIFID II and MiFIR regulatory reporting requirements? How about RTS 27/28? What are the recommended practices for the FIX Application level? What are the latest perspectives on the tools? FIXimate, FIXwiki, Orchid, or log2Orchestra?

  • Data scientists: TradingTech Summit London

FIX Trading community:

The combination of AI and financial trading attracts the attention of a niche group of people. It requires expertise in natural language processing and a deep understanding of financial markets. Data scientist utilizes the power of data to optimize portfolios and to manage risk. This is a big emerging trend amongst hedge funds and FX market-makers and you may want to learn more by attending a conference that focuses on Artificial Inteligence and Machine Learning in the FX and other financial markets.

AI and Data Science in Trading Conference:

Whether you are looking to attend a community FX event, or FX trade show, FX expo, FX conference or FX networking event, our comprehensive list of financial industry events will let you find one to match your criteria. You can filter and sort events by category, location, admission price and much more.

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